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Cascade high-capacity forks & attachments for the heaviest loads

Posted by Cascade Corporation on Thu Apr 22 12:00:00 PDT 2021

High capacity materials handling can be found in all kinds of applications and environments, often with harsh conditions to contend with or colossal loads to manage. Cascade forks and attachments provide powerful solutions for handling heavy loads, from paper to pulp to pipe, or from steel to stone to slab.

"We offer capacities to match the largest forklifts, and we can always find the tool to match your needs," says Cascade global product manager, Doug Pierce. "Our materials handling expertise allows Cascade to provide customers with powerful solutions, no matter the application."

Tackling Rugged Applications: Heavy-Duty Tools

For any forklift in need of high-capacity forks, you'll find your solution at Booforge Steel, a subsidiary of Cascade based in Karlskoga, Sweden. Booforge is a world-leading manufacturer of customized and large lift truck forks. By utilizing high-quality materials and advanced forging processes cultivated over 350 years, Booforge forks offer uniquely high carrying capacities, with models rated up to 150 metric tons (330,600 lbs). These advanced manufacturing processes also allow Booforge to offer forks with thin profiles but extreme strength. These thin, high-strength blades allow easy entry under stacks of material, such as lumber, without damaging the goods. When your heavy-duty application demands strength and precision, Booforge forks are your answer.

Cascade prides itself on offering more custom products than anyone else in the industry. In fact, our world-class engineering and manufacturing teams customize the majority of our large attachments in order to meet the specific needs of the customer. In a recent project for example, a Column Handler, was built to handle massive steel columns, measuring approximately 8.5 meters (28 feet) long, 2.4 meters (7.75 feet) wide and weighing up to 9700 kg (21,385 pounds), as part of a large-scale construction project. Typically, the maneuvering and installation of these steel columns uses cranes, which requires a large team of workers and significant time invested for every column installed. What's more, this construction site was located underground, and the space restrictions meant that crane installation would have been excessively difficult and time consuming. The customer partnered with Cascade in order to reach a solution that was faster and more flexible than the existing methods. The Column Handler, once completed, was able to be lowered into the construction site in one piece and then installed on the heavy-duty forklift on site, a more streamlined process than what's necessary for larger equipment. To enable precision placement of the columns and smooth, efficient handling overall, the Column Handler clamp was built to offer 360-degree rotation, tilt, swivel, sideshifting, and reach functions, with a carrying capacity of up to 12,000 kg (26,455 lbs.). With the variety of features designed specifically for the customer, the Column Handler provided excellent improvements in efficiency for the construction site and significantly decreased installation time for each column.


Launch Your Operation with Cascade Solutions for Ports & Harbors

Ports & harbors see a wide range of heavy-duty attachment needs, with a significant portion of those being pulp and paper operations. For many customers looking to maximize their productivity, we recommend our large A-Series Pulp Bale Clamps. To enable operators to meet the demands of a fast-paced supply chain, the A-Series clamps offer serious load capacity - 16,000 kg / 35,250 lbs - with features that make operation efficient and reliable. A lubrication-free bearing system eliminates the need for grease, minimizing product contamination factors as well as maintenance needs. This and other high-reliability features, from the powerful hydraulics to the strength-optimized frame geometry, guarantee that the A-Series Pulp Bale Clamp delivers consistent handling and high throughput.

Another of our heavy-duty paper industry solutions is the Ultra High-Capacity Carrying Ram: a great example of a Cascade product that can offer both high carrying capacity and versatile handling. The Carrying Ram is ideal for use when paper reels and rolls will not fit into a shipping container in the vertical and/or traditional bilge configurations. In these cases, horizontal loading of the reels and rolls, or end loading, is the only option to maximize the space of the container. With the Ultra High-Capacity Carrying Ram, you have front tilt and sideshift functions, allowing the operator the flexibility to maneuver rolls with accuracy.



Don't Go At It Alone - You have a partner in Cascade

Often times a heavy load application can require extra-precise handling, or special features adapted to extreme environments. No matter the conditions, Cascade has the attachment options to help you proceed with confidence. High capacity Sideshifters make it easy to position a load laterally instead of having to reposition the whole truck, saving time and effort. Our large Rotators can help you quickly dump and invert loads with ease and precision, excellent for use in manufacturing, chemical processing, and recycling operations. And for any high-heat application, such as forging or casting, Cascade has a long history of customizing Forging Clamps and Manipulators, built with clamp arms for any shape of material and heat-resistant fabrication.

If our full range of heavy-duty handlers doesn't meet the unique challenges of your application, our teams are ready to invent something that does. Contact Cascade today to tell us about your materials handling needs, and we'll look forward to providing the solution.

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