Less is More: Maximize Margins with Cascade Palletless Handling

Posted by on 04/26/2022

Pallets are a fundamental part of materials handling. Businesses searching for opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency, however, find that it's possible to remove pallets from the equation and achieve positive results in warehousing or logistics operations. Implementing a palletless workflow - for example, by using slip-sheets, a compact and affordable alternative to pallets - leads to reduced material investment, less hassle, increased storage space, and optimized shipping. At Cascade, we're about providing you with strategic solutions that move your business forward, so we're ready to help you take advantage of the benefits behind palletless handling. "Palletless handling is a common method in materials handling, and it continues to grow in popularity in warehouse environments thanks to the savings it can offer," says Doug Pierce, Cascade Global Product Manager. "When you have the tools to work outside of pallet handling, you can free up a variety of resources and streamline your operation." Not to mention the flexibility you have when you're able to work with the broad range of palletless load types in use: boxed or baled product, bagged products such as seed and cement, cased food, bottled beverages, consumer electronics, and more. Whatever brings you to palletless handling, Cascade has reliable, state-of-the-art attachments to help you make the most of it.

Complexity Made Easy: Push/Pulls

Push/Pulls are one of the best tools available for palletless applications, offering excellent flexibility in managing loads on space saving and inexpensive slip-sheets. Push/Pulls can easily pull slip-sheeted unit loads off of pallets with its precise and secure gripper bar. The operator can then deposit the loads directly on the floor, onto racking, or load them into containers & trailers without pallets in order to save space and minimize shipping and handling costs. The advanced design of Cascade Push/Pulls provides them with high push and pull force, smooth operation, and protected internal hydraulics that reduce maintenance needs.

There are a variety of Cascade Push/Pull models available, with specializations to make complex work simple. One option is the Mark 55, which features adjustable platens for handling either slip-sheets or pallets depending on your needs - without having to change trucks. This flexibility can help reduce the size of a forklift fleet while improving capacity for handling many load types, including block pallets. Other Push/Pull features include:

  •     Heavy duty construction for reliable performance and low maintenance needs

  •     Quick Fork Mount (QFM) models for fast and convenient removal and installation

  •     Sheet-Sav models, which further reduce your expenses with a mechanism that retains slip sheets for reuse

Power Right Out of the Box: Carton Clamps

From paper products and electronics to wine and canned or boxed packaged foods, Cascade Carton Clamps are the go-to attachment. Cascade's advanced J-Series is the Carton Clamp of choice for those who demand top performance and reliability. Cascade Carton Clamps are thoroughly optimized to make it easy for operators to apply power and precision. With design features like enhanced visibility and energy efficient hydraulic systems, operation is smooth and fast. Add in our operator-friendly damage reduction accessories - like the Electronic Pressure Regulator or the hands-free Hydraulic Force Control (HFC) - and you'll find that Cascade J-Series Carton Clamps are the smartest tool for the job. These options apply automated clamp force, enabling operators to work quickly and confidently no matter the load. "The ability to switch seamlessly between handling various products like this is an incredible benefit in warehouse environments," says Doug Pierce, "such as when operators need to alternate between electronics that need to be handled with care and large, heavy items that require a higher clamp force. This improved accuracy leads to damage-free product getting where it needs to go, and more quickly." Even when working with specialized applications, there's a Cascade Carton Clamp for your operation. Whether your workflow includes knifing between tightly stacked loads or rotating loads as needed, you'll find an answer with one of our clamp options: Razorback, Appliance, Doublewide, or Tipping, as well as an extensive array of customization capabilities. For high-volume palletless handling, Cascade Carton Clamps are the smart choice.

Smooth Operators: Rollerforks

When simplicity and utility are your priorities, Rollerforks offer exactly what you need to achieve versatile palletless handling. Rollerforks are built with an internal rolling mechanism that gives any forklift the ability to handle pallet-less loads, as well as regular pallets, effortlessly. When you're handling pallets, Rollerforks don't require a second thought - operators can use them just like forks. But when you're working slip-sheeted loads and bagged goods, Rollerforks can slide beneath the load without skipping a beat.

Operation is simple and maintenance is minimal as Rollerforks hang on standard lift truck carriages and can be installed within minutes - no hydraulic connections needed. These specialty forks can be integrated with Sideshifters or Fork Positioners, allowing operators the additional flexibility and precision needed to pick or place a load wherever is needed. They're a cost-effective solution that increases productivity and efficiency.

Combination Rollerforks & Push/Pull units are also available and offer the best of both solutions, making handling slip-sheeted loads even easier. Rollerforks reduce friction and speed up the process of pulling a load onto the fork, and when placing loads, many times the push mechanism is not required at all. In addition to pushing and pulling loads, operators have the ability to more easily pick palletless boxed loads or bagged loads, including the super sacks that are often used in agriculture and food production.

Unlocking Productivity and New Possibilities

These solutions are just part of how you can solve your challenges in a palletless operation, leading to maximized throughput and increased productivity. Cascade is an industry-leading provider of other palletless handling products, such as sliding arm clamps, paper roll clamps, and specialty attachments, like wine barrel handlers and forward bin dumpers for handling the bins commonly used in agriculture and food processing. Cascade Stationary Products, such as Load Inverters, can further aid in palletless workflows with semi-automated processes that can easily help you retain pallets or switch slip sheets without having to leave your truck. For more on how you can benefit from palletless handling, contact us at Cascade today. Our high-quality attachments, forks, and accessories are built to meet your needs and help you reach your greatest potential.