Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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      Cascade remanufactures used attachments. See, Certified Used Remanufactured Attachments.

      You name it, we can make it. Cascade makes custom products to fit your needs. Our standard product line is detailed in the Cascade Products section of this site. For information about custom products, call your local Territory Manager.

      Yes. For more information, visit Remanufactured Attachments.

      Yes. For current lease residuals, contact Cascade Allied Products & Services at (800) CASCADE (227-2233).

      Cascade only sells parts thru Authorized OEM Dealers. We cannot sell to end users or independent repair dealers. Please contact your nearest authorized lift truck dealer for parts and service.

      Service and parts literature are available as a free download. Just go to Service Literature. We are constantly working to update this site with all our current literature, however, some may not yet be online.

      Use the Capacity Calculator. Also, if given clamp specifications, truck manufacturers can help to find the accurate net rating.

      Yes. Mounting instructions are also available in the Product & Service Literature section on this site, under Installation Instructions.

      Installation instructions can be found under Product & Service Literature.

      Hydraulic requirements are detailed in the specification sheet for each attachment. For specifications, see the Products section of this site.

      Integral mount means that the mounting is an integral part of the mast carriage.

      "Lift truck attachment" generally refers to any equipment that is mounted on a lift truck, enabling it to perform load-handling functions such as raise/lower, clamp, rotate, push, pull, dump, pick, move, etc. The utility or usefulness of a lift truck is directly related to its load-handling attachments.

      Paper Roll Clamps have long and short arms to handle rolls in the bilge (horizontal) position.

      Our website makes it easy. Browse available products by industry or product family. Need help? Reach out to our support team or review product-specific materials for more information.

      From Clamps to heavy handlers, AGV/AGF solutions, and versatile Rotators, Cascade has a forklift attachment for every material handling need. Attachments built specifically for your application provide numerous productivity enhancements:

      • Versatility – our attachments enable drivers to handle various materials and perform diverse tasks, eliminating the need for additional machinery or manual labor.
      • Streamlined Processes - attachments like Paper Roll Clamps, Pallet Forks, and Rotators facilitate quick and efficient loading, unloading, stacking, and transportation of goods, saving time and reducing manual labor.
      • Multiple Load Capacities - with numerous load capacities, Cascade forklift attachments enable the handling of large, small, and specialized loads, reducing the need for multiple trips or additional equipment.
      • Damage Reduction - attachments designed for specific material handling needs improve operator comfort and minimize errors.
      • Innovation: Founded in 1943, Cascade Corporation is known for its continuous innovation and investment in research and development. We are committed to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and introducing new technologies and features that enhance forklift attachment performance. By investing in Cascade's high-quality attachments, businesses can access cutting-edge solutions and stay ahead of the competition.
      • Global Reach and Support: Cascade Corporation has a global presence and a vast network of dealers and service providers. This ensures that businesses can access our products and benefit from reliable after-sales support, including maintenance, repairs, and spare parts availability.
      • Reliability and Durability: Cascade Corporation is renowned for our commitment to producing robust and durable forklift attachments. High-quality materials and rigorous manufacturing standards ensure that our forks and attachments are built to withstand the demanding conditions of material handling operations. This reliability translates to fewer breakdowns, reduced downtime, and increased productivity.

      Absolutely. We take pride in our custom engineered solutions. Learn more here.

      Please watch the video below or reach out with any questions.


        Can a Carton Clamp handle pallets?

        • Yes, but the platens must be able to fit in the fork pocket. 15" x 48" platens will handle most pallets. See the Push/Pull section of this site under Cascade Products.

        How do I select the right Carton Clamp for my specific load sizes and weights?

        Net savings = (# containers per day x # pallets per container x #shipping days per year) x pallet cost + pallet disposal cost - slipsheet cost

        Corrugated fiberboard, corrugated fiberboard sheet with laminated tab, solid fiberboard and plastic.

        Yes. Call 800-CASCADE (227-2233) in North America or +31-36-5492911 in Europe for more information.

        Yes. Cascade has about 1,200 rental clamps available.  For more information, call the Remanufacturing department at (800) CASCADE (227-2233) in North America or +31-36-5492911 in Europe.

        Call your local Territory Manager for information about driver training.  Cascade supports the training programs offered by most of the world's major lift truck OEMs. Contact your OEM for more information about OEM training.

        See our warranty policy under Support.

         6 Months.

        The warranty on remanufactured product is six months following date of installation.


          Cascade has manufacturing and sales offices worldwide. Cascade has manufacturing plants in the USA, Canada, Japan, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and China. Cascade maintains Sales and Distribution offices in the USA, Canada, Japan, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, China, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, South Africa, Singapore and Brazil.

          ​​​​Cascade was founded in Portland, Oregon, USA and has expanded around the globe, with European headquarters in Verona, Italy. World headquarters remain in Portland.

          ​​​Cascade was founded in 1943 in Portland, Oregon, USA as a small machine shop employing just four people.