The Future of Mobile Weighing: Cascade ActivWeigh™

Posted by on 03/25/2024

In the world of mobile weighing, there is a new attachment that can do it all—Cascade ActivWeigh™. Available as an integral or hang-on attachment, ActivWeigh offers weighing, sideshifting, and Fork Positioning functions in one patented design.

Cascade ActivWeigh is also available as a stand-alone weighing carriage, with an integrated sideshifter or a sideshifting Fork Positioner as optional functions.

Weigh-in-motion capabilities increase ActivWeigh’s productivity and efficiency. Common applications include incoming goods control, overload prevention, dosing, filling, waste management, order picking, and inventory control.

ActivWeigh at a Glance

Cascade ActivWeigh™ is the ultimate forklift mobile weighing solution.

Powered by Cascade’s proven K-Series Fork Positioner, ActivWeigh is built reliable to cut downtime and maintenance costs while allowing quick installation and setup (Hang-on version shown).

Additional ActivWeigh Benefits

Attachment Flexibility – Add weighing capabilities to almost any clamp or attachment.

ActivWeigh accepts most Cascade attachments on the front, like a Push/Pull or Single Double. This allows your customers to easily add a weighing function to current Cascade attachments.

Weigh-in-Motion Capabilities – weigh on the go.

Advanced "Weigh-In-Motion" capabilities mean weight data is automatically recorded during transport, and loads don't need to be centered for an accurate reading. Operators can engage a load and start transporting immediately, saving valuable time in fast-paced warehouse environments.

A Single Compact Design – minimal effective thickness (ET) for increased capacity.

The Minimal Effective Thickness of ActivWeigh’s carriage scale is on average 3” (76 mm) less than competitive weighing carriage models. This allows ActivWeigh to maximize the net capacity of the lift truck while reducing aisle width requirements and improving maneuverability.

Cascade ActivWeigh™ integral is on average 3"/76mm less than competitive weighing carriages.

One Vendor Solution

Cascade supports the complete ActivWeigh solution as a single supplier. No hassle, and no compatibility issues.

Watch the ActivWeigh release video