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Meet the Forks of the Future

Posted by Cascade Corporation on Thu Oct 21 12:00:00 PDT 2021

Cascade Forks+  are not your average fork—they’re versatile tools that offer the functionality of standard forks PLUS the benefits and capabilities that you’d expect from a full-sized attachment. They’re easy to install, operate, and maintain, which means they seamlessly integrate with existing workflows and require minimal training, quickly providing increased efficiency to your handling.

From warehousing to agriculture, packaging, food, beverage, and more—Cascade Forks+ offer resourceful handling that boosts the capabilities of a forklift, allowing operators to maintain a smaller truck fleet without compromising on performance. Get to know the Forks+ product family and find your next materials handling opportunity.


Telescopic Forks – Reach New Potential

What could you accomplish if your forks had the power to extend and retract? Telescopic Forks do just that, with hydraulic and manual versions that both allow operators to adjust fork length to meet their needs. This enables the handling of a wider range of pallet sizes from the same truck, as well as dual pallet handling, ideal in logistics and warehousing applications that demand versatility and speed. With their adjustable fork length, Telescopic Forks can accommodate a wide range of rental needs, too. One pair can do the jobs of several pairs of standard forks.

Telescopic Forks also increase productivity by adding reach to your forklift, which unlocks productivity in a variety of applications:

  • double-deep racking in warehouse environments, which allows for improved floor plans
  • loading and unloading flatbed or curtain-side trucks from one side, instead of driving back and forth
  • turning a walkie stacker–style truck into a compact reach truck for use in smaller areas
  • Eliminating the pinch points, storage and installation issues with fork extensions



Rollerforks – Smooth and Steady Wins the Race

Next up: Rollerforks, a fast and easy way to achieve versatile palletless handling. Their internal rolling mechanism gives any forklift the ability to handle palletless loads, as well as regular pallets, effortlessly. When you’re working with slip sheets, bagged goods, boxes or stacked materials, Rollerforks can load the product quickly and smoothly. Many customers use Rollerforks to receive materials as floor loads and palletize them in-house, in order to avoid sanitary risks associated with external pallets.

Operation is simple and maintenance is minimal as Rollerforks hang on standard lift truck carriages and can be installed within minutes - no hydraulic connections needed. These specialty forks can be integrated with Sideshifters and Fork Positioners, allowing operators the additional flexibility and precision needed to pick or place a load wherever is needed. Rollerforks mounted on Push/Pulls are another powerful combination, utilizing the advantages of both attachments for highly effective handling of slip-sheeted loads, supersacks, and more.

See it in action here:


Sensor Forks – See the Possibilities

One of our latest smart solutions, Cascade Sensor Forks are perfect for fast-paced e-commerce applications and warehouse environments where ultimate visibility is needed. These forks come with a built-in digital camera and sensor package, which provide the driver with incredible visibility of fork placement, even under low-light conditions. A high-quality video is transmitted via Wi-Fi from the tip of the fork to an in-cab display. Along with the camera, signals from sensors that detect objects above the forks as well as proximity to the load give the driver added information to precisely lift and deposit loads. No over the mast wiring or cable reel is required. This next-level handling awareness can help operators eliminate overdriving loads, reducing the risk of fork punctures and costly product damage. The improved visibility that comes with Sensor Forks can save time and effort by allowing operators to read the label on a high-up bin, crate, or pallet before picking it from its rack. They offer incredible advantages for a wide range of industries, especially any application in low-light conditions or high-racking environments.

To answer the specific needs of our customers, Sensor Forks are available with several options, including a low-profile model that allows for flexible installation on fork positioners and original factory load backrest compatibility.  Standard Sensor Forks connect to the display using Wi-Fi and incorporate crosstalk protection that allows for 25+ units to be used at a single site without signal interruption. A hard-wired version is also available for environments that aren’t compatible with Wi-Fi systems. Camera Forks, which offer the same great visual display without sensor capabilities, are also available.


Weigh Forks – Scale Up Your Success

Mobile weighing is a great way to improve the efficiency of your material handling without having to make major adjustments, and Cascade Weigh Forks are a simple and easy way to accomplish it. Weigh Forks save time and money by combining transport and weighing into one easy step. From managing incoming goods to shipping, Weigh Forks improve productivity whenever you would otherwise need to take extra time driving to a floor scale.

To ensure efficient mobile weighing for any application, Weigh Fork models are available for use with Rotators, Fork Positioners, and Order Pickers. The digital display indicator offers a variety of functions, including piece counting, load tracking, as well as the opportunity for custom functionality. One Cascade customer needed a way to quickly and easily verify that drivers were accurately picking complete orders using order pickers The solution was a customized Weigh Fork system that includes auditory alerts, which automatically signals operators when the pallet reaches a predetermined weight. These customized Weigh Forks have been a simple way to validate weight accuracy in the order picking process, requiring little driver input.

Outfitting your forklift with advanced materials handling doesn’t have to be complicated. With Cascade Forks+, you gain the superpowers of an attachment without interrupting your existing fork-based handling. Contact Cascade today and our material handling experts can discuss your needs and provide a Forks+ demo to get you started. No matter the industry you work in, we can find a way to improve your productivity.

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