Cascade’s Forksetter™ uses a specialized sensor to read the distance between the forks on your fork positioner. By integrating this information with truck hydraulics, Forksetter can automatically guide your fork positioning to increase operating efficiency. A touch screen display allows the lift truck operator to select from up to 20 programmable fork spreads, providing quick and easy access to performance-enhancing precision. This easy-to-use system can be implemented in any fork positioning application, including industries that commonly handle variable sizes of loads: automotive, logistics, shipping, warehousing, and more. Forksetter™ reduces the risk of product damage and increases operator efficiency.

Forksetter™ Brochure
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TFC™ - Touch Force Control

TFC is a pressure and force control system with a touch screen interface that allows drivers to easily select the product being handled which then automatically applies the appropriate clamp force. The system is targeted towards operations using Cascade Carton Clamps to handle loads with different packaging types, box integrity, load size or weight. TFC is also suitable with Cascade Paper Roll Clamps, Cascade Layer Pickers or any application where regulating clamp force is required.

TFC™ (Touch Force Control) Brochure
TFC™ (Touch Force Control) Features Paper
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TFC™ (Touch Force Control) FAQs
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Low Pressure Tank Line Kit
Includes hose and hardware necessary to install a hydraulic line directly into an existing low pressure tank line hose.
Single and double line kits available.

Universal Low Pressure Tank Line Kit
Includes 1/2" hoses, fittings and diffuser to install low pressure tank like kit directly to the top of the hydraulic tank cover. This does not require cutting into the hydraulic return line.