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5 Ways to Maximize Efficiency with Cascade

Posted by michael.fischer on Mon Feb 12 12:00:00 PST 2024


Cascade is committed to providing material handling products that maximize efficiency. Why? Because efficiency isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also good for your bottom line.

When your attachments are engineered for efficiency, they use less energy, perform functions faster (and more precisely), cause less damage, and enable forklift operators to move more without adding unnecessary additional input. 

Cascade’s focus is engineering every product to help you move more, faster, and with less damage. Let’s look at a few ways Cascade products can enhance your operational efficiency:


1. Hydraulics:

Engineered for efficient hydraulic flow, attachments like our J-Series Clamps use less energy than competitive models. Cascade hydraulics have reduced heat buildup, translating to longer hydraulic component life spans, reduced maintenance, and increased reliability.


2. Non-Hydraulic Options:

Cascade Electrix™ offers all-electric models for several attachments in our fleet, like Single-Doubles (MLHs), Sliding Arm Clamps, Sideshifters, and Fork Positioners. Used in tandem with an electric Mast from Cascade subsidiary Lift-Tek, our Electrix attachments’ all-electric actuators are perfect for AGVs because they completely eliminate hydraulics from the equation. Electric actuation also consumes minimal energy, meaning AGV batteries will last longer and can provide real-time positioning and diagnostic data.


3. Productivity:

Cascade’s Mobile Weighing products represent the next generation of handling efficiency by integrating weighing capabilities into forklift operations. Mobile weighing boosts productivity by allowing operators to check incoming goods, prevent picking errors, optimize filling processes, avoid overloads, control waste, and accurately determine shipping weights—all without needing to travel to a stationary floor scale.

Cascade ActivWeigh™ is an all-in-one attachment with Weighing Carriage, Sideshifter, and Fork Positioner functionalities. This patented design (available singularly or with optional sideshifting or fork positioning), uses proven Cascade K-Series Fork Positioner components. Built with Weigh-In-Motion technology, ActivWeigh boasts immediate load engagement and transport with automatic weight recording.

Weigh Forks are a cost-effective choice for mobile weighing. Weigh Forks incorporates Bluetooth® transmitters and calibration boards installed in the forks, ensuring independent communication with the driver display.