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Top 3 Reasons to Optimize Your AGV with Electric Attachments

Posted by Cascade Corporation on Thu May 27 12:00:00 PDT 2021

Cascade has been providing AGV attachments across a wide range of applications for many years, including paper, food, beverage, warehousing and logistics industries and more. We work closely with forklift, AGV and AGF manufacturers to ensure that our products offer the latest in performance and productivity, which led us to introduce our Cascade Electrix line of fully electric attachments. Recent Cascade innovations mean that these electric options are better than ever for optimizing productivity. When you choose Cascade, you also receive our unmatched after-sales support. Cascade provides the power of global resources and manufacturing presence with the first-hand expertise of our local teams to ensure customer success. If a Cascade unit needs to be supported onsite, a Cascade representative will be able to quickly react at a local level - an invaluable resource to have readily available. If you're interested in electric attachments, now is a great time to partner with Cascade. Here are our top three reasons why outfitting your AGVs with fully electric attachments will supercharge your systems.


  1.) Maximum Energy Efficiency

Cascade's Electric Sideshifter is a great example of why to go Electrix - it's over 90% more energy efficient than hydraulic units in the same class. This high efficiency operation means that the AGV needs to be recharged less frequently and overall increased battery life. The efficiency of the Electric Sideshifter is due in part to the roller bearing technology, which provides smooth, low-effort movement of the unit. In addition, the all-electric actuator system provides pinpoint accuracy in positioning, so the forks and carriage are always exactly where you need them to be for load handling. We can also offer increased sideshift distances compared to similar hydraulic units. This can help enhance efficiency in container or trailer loading/unloading operations as an AGV can travel comfortably down the middle section of the container then position the forks to the left or right for proper placement or retrieval.

Many of the same benefits apply to Cascade's Electric Multiple Load Handler. With a low-friction bearing system and inherently high-efficiency actuators, the Electric Multiple Load Handler requires significantly less force in its fork positioning, sideshifting, and load spreading. The revolutionary increases in efficiency to your automated environment, whether you're using sideshifters, multiple load handlers, or any other electric attachment, provide foundational benefits that reduce costs and improve overall throughput.


  2.) Reduced Maintenance

You'll begin to realize the advantages of electric attachments as soon as you get started. A simple electric power hookup and integrated sensor communication makes installation easy. In addition, due to the lack of hydraulics the maintenance needs of Electrix units are minimal. Our design and development strategies take every aspect of the attachment and AGV operation into account in order to deliver a product with minimized downtime and long-term reliability. An all-electric system also provides an excellent opportunity for capturing valuable information for optimizing AGV applications. Data - including actuator cycle counts, utilization rates and positioning information - can be easily transmitted to truck telematics systems, where it can be utilized for predictive maintenance and workflow analysis, giving operations detailed knowledge of the attachment's performance and exactly what it needs to continue performing at its best.


  3.) Lower Total System Costs

The absence of hydraulics in electric attachments allows cost to be reduced on the chassis side of the AGV or AGF, as the hydraulic system can be downsized or eliminated. Components like the hydraulic pump motor, oil reservoir, and hoses can represent a significant portion of an AGV system cost, so eliminating these components results in less cost for the attachment and AGV combination, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. What's more, using Cascade's all-electric attachments frees operators from the risk of hydraulic oil leaks. Without the possibility of a leaking attachment, there's no risk of contamination, which is environmentally friendly and reduces potential clean-up expenses. It also makes Electrix attachments an ideal solution for clean environments such as in food or pharmaceuticals. It's easy to see how the advantages of an electric attachment can have a positive impact throughout an operation and lead to a low total cost of lifetime ownership.


Energize your Automation with Cascade Electrix Technology 

"Cascade's global teams are actively engaged in the emerging technologies of automated warehousing environments. Our AGV solutions are customizable and capable of adapting to very specific workflows, so we can develop whatever the customer needs," says Global Product Manager Mike Elmore. "Right now is a great time to take advantage of the benefits of electric attachments." With Cascade, you have access to decades of industry expertise so that your materials handling addresses the complex demands facing businesses today. From the energy efficient Electrix attachments to a full range of hydraulic attachments, damage reduction accessories, forks and smart solutions, Cascade has the tools to help you make the most of your automation journey. Contact us today for a consultation on expanding your electric fleet and we'll find just the right solution for you.

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