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Field-Tested Efficiency: Harvest Season with Cascade

Posted by Cascade Corporation on Fri Jul 24 12:00:00 PDT 2020

Get a Helping Hand this Harvest Season

Our customers in agriculture know that the right attachment can be a crucial piece of equipment when you need to move high volumes of product quickly. Cascade attachments are built for both speed and reliability, with an extensive selection available that can improve efficiency in agriculture applications. Whatever you may be harvesting, Cascade can help you make the most of your busiest times of the year.


See the 20G Ag Rotator in action here:Cascade offers several attachments for handling agriculture bins, the latest solution being our 20G Ag Rotator. The 20G offers a built-in hold down mechanism and fast 180-degree rotation function, making it the perfect tool to quickly invert bins easily and accurately, such as when dumping bins of produce. High visibility through the bin hold-down gives the driver excellent line of sight and enables fast and effective loading and unloading. The 20G Ag Rotator is built for speed and is a great way to achieve increased efficiency in your existing workflow. It is compact enough that it doesn't impact net truck capacity, allowing you to handle more without investing in a larger truck. On top of it all, it's an economical solution for expanding your capabilities during busy times of the year. Designed especially for the agricultural industry, the 20G is a great tool to have on your side when harvest season is here.


See the 20G Ag Rotator in action here:



For larger loads, Cascade offers a range of 360-degree rotators to satisfy higher capacities, which are even capable of inverted loading with our standard rotator forks. These forks are easily adjustable without tools to provide flexibility throughout your product line. Rotators are available with bin retainer options to ensure that your material handling is fast and effective. Rotators, including the 20G, can be outfitted with a variety of fork sizes to satisfy your needs.



For a different approach to handling agricultural bins, Cascade also offers Forward Bin Dumpers. These durable attachments can easily accommodate various bin heights and, with their forward-oriented dumping mechanism, may better serve your workflow needs - perfect for fruit, vegetables, nuts, and more. Bin Dumpers are available with standard carriage mounting or as a Quick Fork Mount model for fast and easy installation, allowing you to increase your forklift's capabilities while remaining seasonally flexible.


Cultivate Productivity with Cascade Solutions


Cascade Multiple Load Handlers are another popular solution that can dramatically increase the throughput of even a single forklift. By adjusting the fork spread of a Multiple Load Handler, an operator can easily handle either a single load or many loads at once. The high quality engineering of these attachments makes them an energy-efficient solution that yields longer run times and larger cost savings than others. Various configurations of the Multiple Load Handlers are available - including single-double and single-double-triple configurations, plus options for fork length and load backrest height - to ensure that there's a model to match your needs. With fast and simple operation, the versatile Multiple Load Handler makes it easy to move high volumes of product and maximize your speed on any forklift. In some cases, the equipment needs of Cascade customers come and go depending on seasonal demands of their market. This is especially true in agriculture. Cascade rentals are a great way to enjoy the benefits of a Cascade attachment without committing to a full purchase. Cascade offers a wide range of rental solutions for your convenience with short-term rentals for seasonal fluctuations, long-term rentals or rent-to-own options available. Rental equipment is well maintained and offers the same great performance you would expect from an attachment of your own. Contact your Cascade representative to find out what rental programs are available in your area.


From Seed to Crop to Market

Cascade has many solutions to improve the efficiency of your operation, with options that address not only harvest season, but the wide range of applications throughout the agriculture industry like food processing, distribution and more. We offer attachments for both indoor and outdoor applications, as well as those that operate in extreme temperatures, hot or cold. From Layer Pickers to Push Pulls, Telescopic Forks to Mobile Weighing, Cascade has the tools for effectively handling bagged goods, super sacks, pallets, crates, slip-sheets, and more. Cascade products are built with the highest quality materials and use innovative designs that stand the test of time. Our unmatched after-sale support allows our customers to focus on production instead of worrying about equipment. In addition to our vast catalog of standard attachments, we offer customization options that guarantee a solution that fits your needs. Contact us today to talk with a knowledgeable Cascade representative and let us find the right solution for you.

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