NewsMon Jun 12 10:05:40 PDT 2017 - New Feature on Cascade's Mobile Website
We are pleased to announce a new feature to quickly access the Cascade website from a mobile device - the Cascade shortcut icon. Once you have this icon on your tablet or smartphone, you'll be able to enjoy instant access to the Cascade website at the touch of a button.

Visitors to can add the icon to their mobile device in just three simple steps:
  1. While viewing, access your web browser's sharing options and select "Add to Home Screen"
  2. Edit the name of the shortcut to your liking and confirm.
  3. Enjoy instant access to the Cascade site.

Example above from the iPhone "Add to Home Screen" process

This feature is available on both Apple iOS and Android devices. We hope you find it a useful way to access the Cascade website.