Frequently Asked QuestionsWhere do Cascade products ship from?

Where do Cascade products ship from?

Depending on the product, Cascade may ship from different locations:

Products shipped from the Portland-plant, (Oregon)
- Carton Clamps
- Drum clamps
- Paper Roll Clamps
- Push Pulls
- Rotators
- Slider Arm Clamps below 7000 Lbs capacity (fork clamp, bale, pulp,multi purpose clamps)
- Turnaforks
- D-series Fork Positioners (below 8500 Lbs capacity)

Products shipped from the Springfield-plant, (Ohio)
- 100D, 130F and 150D Paper Roll Clamps
- 2-Roll Sliding Arm Clamps
- 4-Roll Sliding Arm Clamps (6000 Lbs cap and above)
- 35E Load Stabilizers
- 58D, 100D, 120D and 150D Sideshifters
- “Cascade-White” Clamps and Rotators
- Double Wide sideshifters
- D-series Fork Positioners (8500 Lbs capacity and above)
- F, C and H series Fork Positioners
- Forward Bin Dumpers
- Hose Reels (parts depot)
- Replacement Parts (Parts Depot)
- Single Double Pallet Handlers
- Sliding Arm Clamps 7000 Lbs capacity and above (fork clamp, bale, pulp,multi purpose, clamps)
- Special Sideshifter Load Backrests

Products shipped from the Warner Robins-plant, (Georgia)
- 55E, 60E and 100E Sideshifters
- Standard Sideshifter Load Backrests

Products shipped from the Toronto-plant, (Canada):
- Block Handlers
- Special non-standard, large capacity clamps, single doubles and load stabilizers
- Stationary Load Inverters