70H-120H Paper Roll Clamps

Designed for the most demanding concrete pipe and heavy paper roll operations, the 70H-120H Pivot Arm Roll Clamps are designed for lifting extremely heavy loads. The 70H-120H represents a 7-12 ton metric rating and replaces the imperial F model numbers.

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Cascade - 70H Paper Roll Clamp forklift attachment
Cascade - 70H Paper Roll Clamp forklift attachment
    • Heavy duty arm & frame structure modeled after proven roll clamp design.
    • Dual rotator drive boxes
    • Heavy duty 220D & 400D rotators depending on model
    • Thin-frame profile increases truck capacity
    • Protected hydraulics
    • Easy to service cylinders in standard sizes
    • Continuous 360° rotation
    • AFC (Adaptive Force Control) for automatic control of clamping pressure that changes as load weight changes (includes Load Cushion™).
    • Tilt Control automatically controls the angle of the mast and pad, aligning the pad with the roll and eliminating expensive product damage.
    • 180° hydraulic stop group.
    • Load Cushion™—hoist system accumulator that absorbs shocks, reducing the clamp force required to handle the load.
    • Electrical Pressure relief system allowing driver to change pressure relief settings electronically from the cab.