Retain your pallets in-house, and reduce your total pallet inventory. Cascade’s INVERTAPUSH™ may be used in nearly every operation that ships unit loads of bags or cartons, such as fertilizer, grain, cement, mail, sugar, canned goods, boxed goods, glass and plastic.

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    Retrieving your pallets with an INVERTAPUSH™

    The INVERTAPUSH™ enables you to warehouse your products on in-house, ‘captive’ pallets. For shipping, the INVERTAPUSH™ places the load on a slip-sheet, customer pallet or directly on the transit vehicle floor, then retrieves your pallet. Your pallets need never leave the warehouse.

    Retaining your expensive pallets in-house eliminates the need to dead-head pallets after unloading at the destination.

    The receiver has no return costs to pay and you can reduce your total pallet inventory. The INVERTAPUSH™ consists of two opposing sets of forks for clamping, an automatically sequenced stabilizer arm on the side with forks, an integral sideshifter, a rotator to invert or rotate the load and a push plate for push-off load deposit.

    • Load push/pull mechanism
    • Various opening and closing ranges
    • Various types, sizes and spreads of arms
    • Class II and IV mounting