Cascade Electrix - All Electric Forklift Attachments

캐스케이드 Electrix - 전동 지게차용 어태치먼트

전기 솔루션은 다양한 어태치먼트에 적용할 수 있습니다. 전동 지게차용 어태치먼트는 혁신적인 에너지 효율성을 제공하여, 배터리 수명을 연장하고, 가동 중지 시간을 최소화 합니다. 완전 전기식으로 작동하므로 유압식 구성품이 필요없으며, 호스나 피팅에서 기름이 누유 될 일이 없습니다.


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Electrix™ Integral E-Sideshifter


Electrify Your Productivity with Cascade’s New Electric Sideshifter.


90% more energy efficient
Reducing energy usage and allowing for longer battery life in your AGV or electric lift truck.
Improved visibility
No hydraulic hoses are required over the mast, reducing handling time and improving maneuverability.
Easy installation
Due to a simple electric hookup.
Environmentally Friendly
Electric actuators eliminate the need for hydraulics and the potential for leaking attachments. Perfect
for use in clean applications, like food and pharma environments.
Lower total cost of ownership
Energy efficiency and all electric actuation, which eliminates the need for hydraulic components, reduces total system