Cascade Electrix - All Electric Forklift Attachments

Cascade Electrix - Täyssähköiset lisälaitteet

Täyssähköiset ratkaisut ovat saatavilla moniin lisälaitemalleihin. Sähköiset lisälaitteet tarjoavat vallankumouksellista energiatehokkuutta joka tarkoittaa akulle pidempää elinikää ja vähemmän seisokkeja. Täyssähköinen käyttö poistaa hydraulikomponenttien tarpeen ja potentiaalisten hydrauliletkujen tai liittimien vuodot.


Löydä täyssähköinen ratkaisusi.

Electrix™ Integral E-Sideshifter


Electrify Your Productivity with Cascade’s New Electric Sideshifter.


90% more energy efficient
Reducing energy usage and allowing for longer battery life in your AGV or electric lift truck.
Improved visibility
No hydraulic hoses are required over the mast, reducing handling time and improving maneuverability.
Easy installation
Due to a simple electric hookup.
Environmentally Friendly
Electric actuators eliminate the need for hydraulics and the potential for leaking attachments. Perfect
for use in clean applications, like food and pharma environments.
Lower total cost of ownership
Energy efficiency and all electric actuation, which eliminates the need for hydraulic components, reduces total system

Electrix™ Multiple Load Handler


An energy efficient AGV solution designed with the latest technology to increase productivity.


Environmentally friendly
All-electric actuation eliminates the need for hydraulics and the potential for leaking attachments

Energy efficient
Electric actuators consume a minimal amounts of energy due to their inherit efficiency, which allows for longer AGV battery life

Superior Visibility
Independent control of forks allows near limitless fork set spreads to handle a wide variety of pallets

Low-Friction Bearing System
Minimizes energy required side shifting and snapping loads and spreading loads

Tilt Mechanism
Integrated tilt to adapt and easily pick-up variable loads