Sheet-Sav Push/Pull

Use the Cascade Sheet-Sav™ Push/Pull to keep your slip sheets in house. This is a popular attachment for manufacturers who handle product on slip sheets within their operation and who transfer product without a slip sheet onto a pallet, into a container, or onto a flatbed truck. Popular for bagged cement, bagged seed and grain, packaged food, dairy products, fruit and produce and corrugated box blank handling.

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    • High visibility pantograph, gripper jaw and faceplate
    • Adjustable platens
    • 4° tilting faceplate
    • Chamfered platen corners and gripper jaw design protects the slipsheet
    • QFM models: Frame mounts between forks (20" wide) for minimum effective thickness (lost load)
    • High strength, rigid pantograph for safe load packing
    • Protected hydraulics
    • “Cushion” cylinders reduce operating noise
    • Simplified hydraulic circuit
    • Quick-change hydraulic couplers
    • Hydraulic flow control valve
    • Extended height and width faceplates
    • Extended push strokes
    • Faceplate stop group
    • Optional platen sizes
    • Forks and multiple fork groups
    • Class III mounting (45E only)