HFC - Hydraulic Force Control for Carton Clamps

Excessive clamp force caused by too much hydraulic pressure is a common causes of damage. Mechanical 3-position relief valves are under-utilized or primarily left on the high setting. HFC (Hydraulic Force Control) solves these issues by automatically adjusting clamp force. HFC is a hydraulically controlled automatic clamp force system that senses the hydraulic pressure necessary to lift the load and adjusts clamping pressure proportional to the load weight. The system operates without any special actions on the part of the driver.

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    • Infinite adjustment of clamp force in the normal operating range of the attachment. The system adjusts clamp force proportional to the load weight.
    • Conveniently sized hydraulic valves mount easily onto the lift truck.
    • Clamp force remains constant between Freelift and Mainlift with the use of a Freelift or Mainlift sensor.
    • HFC is flexible, allowing easy adjustment for:
      • All clamp force settings
      • Maximum pressure
      • Balancing clamp force between Freelift and Mainlift.
      • Balancing clamp force when the size of the truck and clamp are not ideally matched.
    • Compatible with all J-Series & G-Series Cascade Carton Clamps.
    • Arm speed overdrive (Both Manual and Automatic available).