Paper Roll Clamp Contact Pads

Roll clamp contact pads are an important part of damage reduction. Use this helpful guide to make sure you choose the right pads for the application.

Cascade - Paper Roll Clamp Pads
Cascade - Paper Roll Clamp Pads

A pad for every paper


Choosing the correct pad for your application is crucial to perfect paper handling.
Download a pdf of our Roll Clamp Pad Guide or read below.

Density based tissue pad selection

Tissue paper can be divided into three categories, each of which should use a different style pad.
Choosing the correct tissue pad type can be simplified by using a technique based on the density of the paper roll. The density calculation is based on how the tissue interacts with the pad as shown in the illustrations below. Note the tissue flowing around the pad in the case of the convex pad and soft tissue. Conversely, the dense tissue holds its shape and is best handled with a pad of similar radius to the roll.

Tissue—Single Diameter

For handling dense tissue such as industrial toweling.

Tissue—Double Diameter

For handling medium density tissue such as common facial and toweling grades.

RXH paper roll contact pads


For handling low-density, soft tissue such as facial, toilet tissue, and soft toweling.

Cascade - Carbonless Paper Roll Clamp pad


For handling carbonless and pressure sensitive paper.

Bonded—Non-marking Black Rubber

RXH Series (Rubber Cross Hatch)

Used with newsprint, supercalendared SC, coated/magazine papers LWC, milk carton and waxed stock, glassine/greaseproof and white printing.

Bonded Urethane

UDP Series (Urethane Domed Profile) or Smooth Surface for handling supercalendared SC, milk carton and waxed stock, coated/magazine LWC, Kraft linerboard, Kraft medium/fluting, preprint, fine papers, glassine/greaseproof, white printing and newsprint. 

Irathane Coated

For handling kraft and polywrapped paper rolls, linerboard-coated, white printing. 

Bolt-on Rubber & Urethane

For handling milk carton and waxed stock, slick coated/magazine paper LWC, Kraft linerboard, Kraft medium, preprint, newsprint, supercalendared SC, carbonless, plastic/polywrapped, lithographic/fine, white printing or any paper requiring increased friction to reduce necessary clamp force.


Designed primarily for newsprint and printing papers.


Designed primarily for the newsprint industry.


Excellent general purpose pad for most paper types, including newsprint, kraft, tissue (see tissue section), gypsum board facing, dry-lap (rolled pulp), white printing and lithographic/fine paper.

Ribbed Herringbone

For handling kraft papers (linerboard and medium/fluting), preprint, gypsum board facing, linerboard-coated and glassine/greaseproof.