+ Value Added Programs

Performance+ Two-Year Warranty Program

What it is:

  • Our no-cost two-year pledge to our customers.
  • Includes all new Cascade attachments, forks, hose reels and service parts.
  • Customers who installed Cascade products after September 24th, 2012 will be covered for a total of two full years under the PERFORMANCE™ two-year warranty program.
  • Does NOT include construction or re-manufactured products.

Why a Two-Year Warranty:

  • We’re raising the bar.
  • Cascade products are built for life and warranted for two years.
  • Cascade has always been the world leader in the material handling industry, but now we’re resetting industry
    standards and showing how the finest in workmanship, processes and service equals the greatest value for our customers.
  • To reinforce Cascade’s Value Proposition of lower total cost of ownership.
  • To continue our position as the market leader in value with products and services.