Coil Boom

Coil Booms are heavy-duty attachments designed for handling steel coil. They are similar to carpet poles, but with a shorter boom of larger diameter.

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Cascade - Coil Boom forklift attachment
Cascade - Coil Boom forklift attachment
    • Smooth surface to prevent damage to the load.
    • Quick-release for easy attachment.
    • Compatible with ITA II, III & IV Carriages.
    • Profiled bar end for easy entry into center of loads.
    • Capacity ratings up to 15,000 lbs. @ 24" load center, other sizes available, consult Cascade for custom sizes.
    • Patented lock-pin assembly ensures stability.
    • Quick-change lower hooks available.
    • Non-standard sizes and capacities available.
    • Class III or IV mounting.
    • Pin mounting.
    • Integral mounting also available.
    • Optional Bumper to protect product, available in many custom shapes or sizes.
    • Various end tips: Tapered, Hemispherical, Elliptical, and Blunt.
    • High temp heat treatment.