NEW: Top Mount Hydraulics option for K-Series Fork Positioners offers easy access to termination points and improves visibility.

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N-Series Fork Positioner

The new N-Series Fork Positioner offers excellent centre visibility with a rugged T-bar design that maximises the centre view window for more precise handling.

N-Series Specification Sheet
Fork Positioners Brochure

  • Increase Productivity
    by moving the forks without getting off of the truck seat and accurately placing the load without additional truck maneuvering.
  • Reduce Damage
    to pallets and product by ensuring the forks are in the ideal position for the load being handled.
  • Quick and Easy Installation
    is achieved without welding and the use of a Sequence Valve or RFHC (Radio Frequency Hydraulic Control) permits the use of a single auxiliary valve to control an additional function.

  • Many Fork Mounting Options
    available to match your application. Hook-on style forks, bolt-on forks, weighing forks (Weigh Forks) or Telescopic Forks are all compatible with many Fork Positioners.
  • Heavy Duty Load Backrests
    are available for all Fork Positioners to help stabilize your load.
  • Various Opening Ranges
    to suit most any application are available from narrow aisle, zero closing units to extra wide opening units extending far beyond the width of the truck.