3H Paper Roll Clamp

The compact, lightweight and versatile 3H Paper Roll Clamp is ideal for handling ultra-light rolls of paper and related packaging materials. Utilizing single-arm geometry and 360° rotation to handle narrow width and small-size rolls, this innovative and unique design is ideally suited for paper converting and packaging, including food packaging where sanitary handling is a mandate. The 3H is available in powered and manual versions with integral or class II carriage mounting configurations, for use on stand-up trucks and powered and manual, walkie-style equipment. The 3H Paper Roll Clamp is built to provide the durability, speed and energy efficiency associated with the H-Series family of paper roll clamps.

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    • Self-lubricated arm cylinder bushings eliminates the need for grease where sanitary handling is a mandate.
    • Ideally suited for paper and packaging converters where rolls are handled from pallet to unwinding without touching the ground.
    • Cylinders are equipped with internal check valves for added reliability when handling rolls.
    • Versatile design allows handling plastic film, light-weight aluminum, plastic wraps and other related packaging materials, in addition to small paper rolls.
    • Pad alignment system using innovative design insures proper pad alignment on approach to every roll.
    • Powered and manual versions available.
    • Integral and Hang-on Class II carriage mounting.
    • Contour shaped pads with RXH bonded, non-marking black rubber.