Cascade Tissue Roll Clamps are custom designed for each
user to meet their specific needs. Cascade offers a variety of base solutions and customizes Tissue Paper Roll Clamps for each customer’s application.

A Variety of Pads Meets Customer’s Individual Needs

Single Diameter:
For high-density tissue paper grades, such as industrial toweling. The large surface area of the pad minimizes roll deformation and specialized features prevent cutting of the tissue. This pad can be used to handle narrow width rolls.

Double Diameter (with optional flared ends):
For medium-density tissue paper grades, such as paper toweling. Optional features reduce cutting of tissue at pad ends. Unique pad qualities allow the paper to transition around the pad without tearing and adapts to slight to moderate paper deflection.

For low-density tissue paper grades, such as ultra-soft facial, toilet tissue and soft toweling (TAD paper). Features a convex surface that flares out at the end, to provide a smooth transition during roll deflection. The shape conforms to the surface of the roll, allowing the paper to flow around the pad, preventing creasing, tearing and cutting into the roll. The hardened wear surface prevents pad wear caused by floor contact.