• Efficient hydraulic system which minimizes energy consumption and maximizes performance.
  • Clamp and backhand protection.
  • Flow divider for equal arm movement.
  • Top-mounted hydraulic cartridges and test port for ease of access.
  • Sideshift circuit relief optimizes sideshift speed.
Rugged design for optimal strength, durability and performance.
  • High strength steel frame.
  • Lubrication-free, full length UHMW bearings.
  • High strength steel castings.
Efficient arm design.
  • Thin arm profile for manipulating tight loads between stacks.
  • Rubber-faced aluminum contact pads for secure handling of loads.
  • Patented multi-support design for optimal clamp force distribution.
  • Patented Adjusta-Block on arms offers six adjustment points for optimal
  • clamp force distribution. (WGF model).
Designed for convenience and performance.
  • Integrated true centering key for precise and secure installation.
  • Available in two pressure offerings to match attachment to truck hydraulic system.

  • Custom opening ranges and frame widths.
  • Custom arm lengths, heights and pad surfaces. Application specific contact pads (sizes & surfaces).
  • Load bumper for extra protection when handling loose loads.
  • Load backrest and arm extensions for extended tier handling.
  • Various ISO mounting options including class III and quick-disconnect features.
  • External sideshift mounting.
  • Alternate valve configurations for left hand or right hand third and fourth function hydraulic installation.
  • Application-specific customization.