NewsThu May 04 16:57:27 PDT 2017 - Cascade's Long History of Quality Forks
Cascade Corporation, the global leader in material handling solutions for lift trucks, has enjoyed a long history of producing high quality forks, with fork manufacturing in North America dating back more than 50 years. To share our story, we’re marking the occasion with a discount on selected forks. Whether you’re a satisfied Cascade customer or have yet to try our forks, you’re invited to join us and see why Cascade forks provide some of the best material handling solutions on the market. We are proud to manufacture forks with a history of quality from the very beginning.

Cascade’s North America Fork Division
Cascade fork manufacturing originally began in Canada and has since grown to include fork facilities throughout the globe, from the USA to China, Italy, and the UK. Today, the Cascade forks division employs more than 270 employees in North America alone, across two manufacturing facilities – in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and Findlay, Ohio, USA – and six additional distribution warehouses.

Over the years, Cascade has worked closely with OEMs, lift truck dealers, and end users to constantly refine and improve our fork products. We offer a wide range of forks to fit any machine or application, including custom solutions for even the toughest challenges. In addition to specialty forks built for a variety of industries, Cascade offers fork accessories – such as fork extensions and DAGS magnetic fork covers – to help you get the most out of your lift truck. With millions of Cascade forks in service today, our industry experience is second to none.

Cascade Forks – A Tradition of High Quality
Cascade’s top priority is providing excellent products that our customers can rely on, so our fork production processes include rigorous testing and research in order to ensure that we deliver only the best. Cascade forks are designed and tested to meet or exceed national and international standards, including ISO 2328, ISO 2330, and ANSI B.56. A material certification is available for every fork we manufacture. Our stringent material requirements and strict traceability process assures top quality from raw material to finished product.

Cascade's Fork Inspection Kit
Our commitment to quality doesn't end with the sale. Cascade knows that an equipment purchase is an important decision, and we want to help our customers by making Cascade forks one of the smartest choices available. In addition to driver training and fork maintenance information, Cascade has fork inspection kits available for users to facilitate proper fork usage and inspection schedules. Not only are our forks manufactured with the highest standards, Cascade’s entire process, from product development to global customer support, is designed to offer you valuable solutions and reliable performance.

You Can Share in the History
At Cascade, we are excited to have a long history of manufacturing high quality products in North America. To commemorate over 50 years of continuous fork production and development, we are offering our dealers a discount on forks in North America so that you can be a part of our ongoing story. Contact your local Cascade representative or dealer for details and learn about how our industry experience can serve your needs. Click here for help finding your Cascade representative. Please reference promo code "FORK HISTORY" for discount details.