NewsThu Jun 01 16:56:58 PDT 2017 - Cascade Announces New 130G-160G Rotators
Cascade Announces New 130G-160G Rotators

Cascade is pleased to announce the release of the 130G and 160G Rotators. These new high capacity rotators feature increased capacity when compared to the D-Series models being replaced.
  • 130G will replace the 120D
  • 160G will replace the 150D
Though the new G-Series Rotators have a larger capacity than the D-Series, they weigh less than their predecessors.

Features and Value-Added Benefits:
  • All the standard robust features of the 120D and 150D Rotators.
  • The capacity of the 130G is 13,000 lbs @ 24" LC, compared to 12,000 lbs on the 120D.
  • The capacity of the 160G is 16,000 lbs @ 24" LC, compared to 15,000 lbs on the 150D.
  • Large visibility hole for better ease of use.
  • High-torque drive train ensures smooth, positive rotation of the load.
  • G-Series end bar fork restraint to ensure forks remain secure on attachment.
Specification sheets and technical literature are available for immediate download in the Rotators section.