NewsWed Jul 26 16:57:18 PDT 2017 - Download your Optimized Paper Handling & Logistics Guide

OPHAL - Optimized Paper Handling And Logistics

Cascade is pleased to offer you this new International Best Practice Guide, a global reference for suppliers, transporters, converters and printers.

This unique, cross-industry collaborative project brings together expertise from across the entire paper supply chain from the mill, through transport, storage, handling and printing. Its goal is to establish a common best practice tool and global reference for suppliers, transporters, converters and printers to improve their efficiency.

Best practices across the entire value chain are
addressed in the following 11 modules:

  • Paper & Cores — Wrapping & Pallets
  • Inspect, Report, Evaluate & Repair
  • Warehouse & Paper Store
  • Paper Handling Equipment
  • Roll & Pallet Handling Techniques
  • Securing & Lashing
  • Road Transport
  • Rail Transport
  • Containers Transport
  • Marine Transport
  • At the Printer — Paper onto Press