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Announcing New C-Series Layer Pickers

Posted by Cascade on Wed Feb 03 12:00:00 PST 2016

Announcing New C-Series Layer Pickers

We proudly foster an environment of continuous improvement, which means that we are always seeking ways to make better products for our customers. To that end, we’re pleased to announce the new C-Series Layer Picker line (replacing the B-Series Layer Pickers) that are more durable than ever before.

New Features:

  • A new and improved hydraulic valve is now mounted to the mast reducing dealer/OEM installation time.
  • Clamp arm bar bracing has been added as standard to provide additional structural reliability to the arm bar weldment, preventing bending and twisting caused by accidental impacts.
  • Clamp leveling turnbuckles replace leveling screws providing additional structural integrity as well as making it easier to adjust and level clamp head to the load/floor. (Please note, standard setting is for 0° leveling. An optional 3° should be specified if gravity flow conveyors are a part of the pick line.)
  • Larger diameter and increased wall thickness structural tubes for clamp boom strength and structural integrity for longer life and reliability.
  • Replaceable cylinder mount in clamp boom offers ease of replacement in the field if needed.
  • Clamp pivot pin now has a replaceable bushing as well as a new retainer design.
  • Improved retention prevents rotational movement of the pin and reduces wear.

Magnetic Layer Picker Improvements:

  • A protective boot surrounds the pan prevents small metal particles from being drawn into the magnet.
  • The stripper pan dimensions have increased from 42”-50” to 44”-54” allowing operators ease of aligning head to load, thereby increasing speed and productivity. It also provides more adequate coverage on rows of cans at the outside edges of the layer helping to prevent dropped product.

Pricing, specification sheet and technical literature is available for immediate download at or through your local Cascade representative. You must be a registered dealer to access online pricing. Call 800 CASCADE (227-2233) for more information.

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