Online Attachment/Truck Capacity Calculator

Enter values for the following parameters and press the "Calculate" button at the bottom of this page.

A: Truck's basic capacity
B: Distance from front wheel center line to fork face
C: Distance from fork face to rated load center
D: Weight of attachment
E: Distance from front wheel center line to carriage face
F: Distance from carriage face to attachment's center of gravity (CGH)
G: Distance from carriage face to rear face of load (ET)
H: Distance from rear face of load to center of load

Net Capacity is 0.0 lb
CAUTION: Formulas can give you a good ballpark estimate of how capacity will be affected.
But you should work closely with your truck manufacturer before making a decision.
Their data reflects, in most cases, testing with specific trucks and attachments.
Maximum Lateral Offset while in the fully sideshifted position may dramatically affect residual capacity.
Check with your OEM lift truck manufacturer for actual capacity.

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