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Paper Roll Clamps
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Meeting the paper roll industry’s need for damage free roll handling with maximum efficiency, Cascade offers a full line of paper roll clamps and roll clamp damage reduction options to handle paper rolls regardless of diameter, weight or type of paper. Cascade's rugged paper roll clamps handle paper rolls of every size for industries from stevedoring to printing.

Choose a model:
Small to Mid-Size Rolls
Large & Jumbo Rolls
Multiple Rolls,

Paper Roll Clamps Brochure
F-Series Paper Roll Clamps

Paper Roll Damage Reduction
Deliver a perfect roll every time with Cascade's damage reduction options.
HFC (Hydraulic Force Control)
AFC (Adaptive Force Control)
Load Cushion
Tilt Control
Electronic Rotational Control
Drop Stop Valve
Clamp Open Guard
Electronic Pressure Regulator
Roll Protector
AFC Datalogger™
Portable Clamp Force Tester

Cascade Paper Roll Clamp Pads
Click Here For A Roll Clamp Pad Overview
Roll clamp contact pads are an important part of damage reduction. Use this helpful guide to make sure you choose the right pads for the application.
Roll Clamp Pad Guide
Contact pads for damage free handling of printing papers

Price List
Paper Roll Clamp Price List
Product Price List

Technical Literature
Search service literature for paper roll clamps

Cascade Rental Fleet
Cascade rents Paper Roll Clamps and more.
Watch a video clip of these damage reduction products. Choose:

Electronic Rotational Control
Low (532K) / Medium (954K) / High (1054K) Bandwidth

Tilt Control
Low (330K) / Medium (632K) / High (795K) Bandwidth

Split Arm
Low (864K) / Medium (1327K) / High (1470K) Bandwidth

Adjustable Bumper
Low (460K) / Medium (717K) / High (780K) Bandwidth

Swing Frame
Low (880K) / Medium (1365K) / High (1503K) Bandwidth

HFC (Hydraulic Force Control)

Paper Roll Clamp on an AGV

On-The-Job Reports

Plastiroll chooses Cascade's AFC to reduce paper damage

Stora Enso uses Double Tower Clamp with AFC to move paper, eliminate damage

United Paper Mills' (UPM) chooses Cascade's Double Tower Clamp with AFC

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