Van volledig elektrische oplossingen zoals de energie-efficiënte. Elektrische Meervoudige Vorkversteller die meerdere pallets tegelijk kan hanteren, tot de hydraulische voorzetapparaten zoals onze Papierrolklemmen voor de verplaatsing van grote, zware tissuerollen, Cascade werkt nauw met u samen om oplossingen te ontwerpen die volledig in de AGV geïntegreerd zijn en die hoogwaardige prestaties bieden.



View the industries below to see our standard product offerings that can be adapted to AGVs.

Food & Beverage


AGV attachments for all your liquid assets.


Find innovative solutions to move beverage quickly and efficiently. Cascade offers attachments designed to improve efficiency and productivity in practically any beverage handling application.

Paper & Tissue


AGV attachments that handle any paper or tissue roll with ease.


Successfully moving paper through the supply chain is a team effort and the final result is only as strong as the weakest link in that chain. Find an AGV solutions that strengthens your workflow by boosting productivity.

Warehousing & Logistics


AGV attachments built for speed and order accuracy.


With product packaging ranging from boxed to bagged to bottles and bulky, non-uniform items, the challenges in the warehousing and distribution industry are as diverse as the products being handled. Using an AGV with superior Cascade attachments Improves throughput in the stocking and order picking process, assuring goods flow efficiently through the supply chain.

In addition to hydraulic products, we offer all electric

mast and attachment solutions for your AGV.