New Year, New Innovations for the Front End of Your Forklift or AGV

Posted by on 07/19/2023

At Cascade Corporation, we know the forks and attachments used to handle your loads are essential to keeping your material handling operations running smoothly. That’s why selecting products that integrate seamlessly with each other (and your workflow) can be a time-consuming and difficult task.

Over a year ago, Cascade acquired Lift-Tek, a major global manufacturer of masts, allowing us to offer OEM and AGV customers specialized bundle solutions. Since then, we’ve heard a lot from customers who are more closely considering load engagement and how the components that comprise the front end of their forklift or AGV—masts plus attachments or forks—operate together and whether a specialized, integrated package might be necessary.

Luckily, load engagement is our specialty, and our solutions can help prevent damage to your equipment and materials. In the next section, we’ll explore five reasons why purchasing a complete front-end package could be the ultimate solution for getting the most out of your equipment.

Five Benefits of Purchasing a Mast & Attachment Combination from One Company