• Swing function allows for handling loads from either center, left or right hand of the truck.
  • Traversing Head allows forks to enter and pickup/deposit from either center, left or right hand side of the truck.
  • Uses Class 2 ITA fork mounting (hook-on forks as option).
  • Motor brake maintains the position of the load during truck movement.
  • Roller pins adjust coupling between pinion and racks, for smooth operation.
  • Rack and pinions heat treated to ensure longer life and reliability.
  • Rack cylinder with end dampener to reduce impact at the end of swing stop.
  • Optimized design to allow easy and fast maintenance.

  • 0°/ +3° tilting fork carriage.
  • Fork positioner on fork carriage.
  • Custom designs for stacker crane.
  • Load backrest upon request.
  • Available with special optimised mast upon request.

Specification Sheet

User Manual (Op, Inst, Maint, Parts)