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New Perspectives on Materials Handling with Cascade Sensor Forks

Posted by Cascade on Thu May 14 12:00:00 PDT 2020

Cascade’s latest innovation, Sensor Forks, is sure to open up new horizons for lift truck operators. With Sensor Forks, enhanced with camera and sensor technology, Cascade gives you real-time visibility right where you need it. A high-resolution digital camera embedded in the tip of the fork transmits a live feed to a truck-mounted touchscreen display. Operators can be more precise than ever with the ability to see exactly where the fork tip is, as well as being able to view the load up close without having to leave the truck.


The design of Sensor Forks is unique in that the camera and all cables are embedded within the body of the fork. This drastically reduces the risk of damaging components during use and allows you to work quickly. No exposed wires or protruding cameras enhance the durability of Sensor Forks and ensures that your time is spent working instead of performing maintenance.


What’s more, Sensor Forks are the only product of their kind that offers a full sensor package, including:

- A digital tilt indicator that tells you precisely the angle of your forks, so you can be sure of how you’re handling.

- The distance sensor warns you as the tip of the fork gets close to an object with green, yellow and red indicators, to help prevent impact.

- Vertical object detection shows you when the fork tip is directly beneath an object, so you know whether your forks have cleared a pallet.

With these sensors working for you, you not only see where the tip of your fork is, but you really get a feel for it, so you can operate with intuitive, precise handling. Watch the video below to learn about Sensor Forks’ revolutionary functionality.



In fact, all of the features built into Sensor Forks provide operators with improved handling in a variety of environments and applications. Here are the top three:


Logistics and Warehousing
Operators can optimize their handling speed with the extra sensing capabilities provided by Sensor Forks. In e-commerce, logistics, or any application where time is of the essence, Sensor Forks improve efficiency by providing visibility of where the fork meets the load, making handling more streamlined and decreasing the time spent on each load. The sensor suite also improves operator awareness of how the forks approach the load and reduces the risk of product damage. Especially with sensitive loads, such as bagged goods that could be easily damaged by fork impact, Sensor Forks offer precise handling and peace of mind.

Low Light Environments
In situations when visibility is difficult due to low lighting, Sensor Forks come equipped with an illumination assist light. This non-navigational aid helps to illuminate the view in front of the fork to ensure that the image on the display is clearly visible. So even in the darkest areas of a warehouse, you’ll be able to see more clearly where the fork tip is and view load labels with optimum visibility.

High Stacking and Double Deep Racking
Sensor Forks are an invaluable tool for applications where the load is out of sight for the driver. In part-picking applications, like automotive or manufacturing industries, you no longer need to guess at what bin or crate you’re pulling down from a high rack or shelf. With Sensor Forks, you can increase accuracy and save valuable time by using the embedded fork camera to read the part label before handling. In addition, the vertical object detection sensor informs you when the fork is beneath a load and distance sensor indicates the proximity of an object, reducing product and pallet damage while handling in these racking environments with limited visibility. 


Sensor Forks are easy to use and can be configured to integrate with your equipment and workflow. The standard model mounts as easily as a regular set of forks, but a low-profile version is available as well, useful for installation with certain load backrests. Transmission of the video between the fork tip and display can be done by wi-fi, although a hardwired over the mast version is available, depending on the needs of your application. Sensor Forks are also available as the more simplified Camera Forks, which don’t include the sensor options, but offer greatly improved visibility with the fork-embedded, high-resolution digital camera.


If you’re looking for a revolutionary material handling solution, look no further than Sensor Forks. They’re easy to integrate into existing workflows and intuitive to operate, with minimal training required before achieving increased efficiency. Contact Cascade today and we’ll be happy to help you, no matter your industry or application.

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