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Navigate Pulp & Paper Handling for Port Operations with Cascade

Posted by Cascade Corporation on Fri Oct 30 12:00:00 PDT 2020

As materials handling experts, Cascade Corporation offers solutions for every phase of the pulp and paper supply chain, including the shipping, receiving, and warehousing of raw materials and finished paper rolls.


“Ports, harbors and warehousing operations are a critical link in the pulp and paper industry supply chain,” says Mike Elmore, Global Product Manager at Cascade. “Customers and businesses around the world rely on an ongoing circulation of pulp and paper products, so shipping operations are faced with very high demand. They need to move fast and handle product with damage-free precision, which is where Cascade comes in.”



Throughput is one of the most important metrics in pulp and paper handling at ports, harbors and warehouses. In order to move product effectively, operators have three key drivers: speed, equipment reliability, and the prevention of product damage. When operations are able to optimize for all three of these strategies, it’s possible to maximize productivity and deliver goods on time and intact. Cascade has a wide range of high-performance products to help you do just that. Here’s how:



In order to satisfy high demand, forklift operators need the tools to move the maximum amount of product as quickly as possible. Cascade offers a range of products that enable multi-load and high capacity handling, making it possible for trucks to carry more product in less time.


Mills, shippers, ports, stevedores and warehouses that require high-capacity attachments for moving large volumes can turn to Cascade Tower Paper Roll Clamps and heavy duty Pulp Bale Clamps. These attachments are designed for large loads and improve the productivity of your operation by ensuring you get the most out of every trip your forklift makes. For example, Cascade’s high capacity Pulp Bale Clamps are perfect for handling large volumes of pulp with capacities up to 16,000kg/35,250lb, helping achieve a high throughput. These clamps are built to withstand extreme conditions, providing excellent reliability while reducing maintenance needs.



When Cascade customers need to adapt to unique workflows, Cascade develops specialized solutions to help them overcome complicated workarounds and maintain high productivity. For example, the Cascade High-Capacity Boom Arm is a paper roll boom arm meant for operations that handle large and heavy reels and rolls of paper. The High-Capacity Boom Arm is ideally suited for use when paper reels and rolls will not fit into a shipping container in the vertical and/or traditional bilge configurations. In these situations, lengthwise horizontal loading of the reels and rolls, or end loading, with every second roll stacked higher, is the only option to maximize the diagonal space of the container. To achieve maximum efficiency when loading in this manner, the reels or rolls must be picked up from the end through the core so that they can be placed as close to the container walls as possible. The High-Capacity Boom Arm is a durable and flexible solution that helps operators maintain efficiency under special constraints.


When precision handling is key to maintaining efficiency, Cascade offers a variety of attachments with sideshifting or fork positioning functionality, allowing operators to place a load exactly where it needs to be without additional movement of the truck. Customers can also equip their lift trucks with swingshifting capabilities, enabling control of the vertical or horizontal angle of their loads by up to 20 degrees. These options allow for precision handling and placement of product, a critical component for quickly and efficiently loading containers or trailers without wasting space.



You can move all the pulp and paper products you want, but if damage occurs during the process, it can prove to be very costly to handlers and their customers. Cascade attachments are engineered down to last detail to reduce the risk of product damage, and we offer a full suite of damage reduction accessories that can optimize your workflow and help transport product quickly and securely from point A to point B.



Hydraulic Force Control (HFC) and Adaptive Force Control (AFC) are two of Cascade’s available options to ensure proper paper roll handling, reduce damage and increase productivity. HFC automatically controls clamp force in proportion to the weight of the load. AFC uses a preprogrammed ratio based on roll weight and paper type to set optimal clamp force each time a roll is grabbed, without demanding additional driver input. By removing the guesswork from driver operation, these powerful tools reduce the possibility of damaging a roll due to incorrect clamp force.


The innovative HFC+™, Cascade’s latest innovative accessory for paper roll handling, combines the efficiency of HFC™ with a paper roll clamp dual cylinder system. This enables a single roll clamp to automatically apply the ideal clamp force for different size ranges of paper rolls. HFC+™ allows for incredible versatility in paper roll handling, as well as decreased equipment costs and downtime.



Paper rolls come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types of material, and Cascade products offer you the versatility to easily adapt to each one. In addition to damage reduction accessories, we offer a variety of specialized paper roll clamps and a wide range of clamp pads for handling all kinds of paper. No matter if you’re working with newsprint, linerboard, tissue, fine paper or coated stock, we have options to help you customize the solution.



“Fast-paced industries like ports and harbors need their equipment to work under high stress environments, no questions,” says Elmore. “Cascade equipment is built so customers don’t have to think twice – it’s there for them when they need it.”

Moving large volumes of pulp and paper while working with strict timetables means that the equipment needs to offer reliable operation and the durability to withstand rigorous conditions. Cascade attachments are built for rugged environments, offering:

- Advanced hydraulic systems that maintain productivity and attachment longevity,

- Reduced maintenance needs and reduced downtime,

- And energy efficient designs for improved lifetime performance.

All together, our robust port and harbor products are built to provide reliably high levels of productivity and a long product lifespan.


Cascade is also proud to offer more custom attachment solutions than any other attachment provider, with some special options that have been designed to meet the specific needs of port, harbor and warehouse applications. For example, Cascade Pulp Bale Clamps offer corrosion-resistant clamp arms and components, providing assurance that pulp bales do not become contaminated.


Make a Better Paper Supply Chain with Cascade

Beyond helping with these core strategies, Cascade offers a catalog full of innovative products and industry-leading customer support. Across the board, our attachments are designed to offer the best in durable construction, excellent visibility for operators, and high efficiency performance. Optional features available on select models include 360-degree rotation, sliding arm functionality, and more. Cascade’s expert teams have designed our wide range of pulp and paper attachments to accommodate the many small details in our customers’ workflows. The bottom line is: If there’s something an attachment can do to improve your productivity, Cascade is ready to make it happen.


For professional and experienced advice about your pulp, paper, handling, shipping or warehousing needs, contact a Cascade expert today. We’re committed to finding the most effective solution for your particular application.


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