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The Blueprint for Better Handling in the Packaging Industry

Posted by Cascade Corporation on Thu Sep 02 12:00:00 PDT 2021
As e-commerce continues to grow, packaging operations today face high demand for a wide variety of products - and they need material handling solutions that can help keep throughput high. Cascade has the expertise and tools to help businesses increase productivity and keep things moving.

"Packaging as an industry is evolving," says Mike Elmore, Global Product Manager at Cascade. "Businesses are having to respond to increasing demand, consumer preferences changing, and new materials and processes. At Cascade, we're ready with the materials handling technology to help packaging businesses seize opportunity and move forward in a changing market."

Cascade looks at the entire packaging supply chain in order to provide truly effective solutions that are engineered with decades of expertise. We work with our customers to ensure that our products are built to solve their specific challenges, address operator pain points, and provide the highest quality performance. Cascade's innovative lift truck attachments and forks offer reliable and efficient handling for consumer-packaged goods, food packaging, industrial packaging and more.

In fact, Cascade is able to provide comprehensive solutions for the packaging pipeline - from raw materials, all the way through manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. Cascade attachments offer the potential for optimized materials handling at each of these steps, resulting in less product damage and higher productivity. In an industry undergoing growth as well as changes in technology and consumer preferences, Cascade's innovative solutions can help keep businesses ahead of the curve. 

Take a look at our map of the packaging pipeline and see how Cascade will help you navigate this expanding industry, from raw materials all the way to finished product.



Raw Materials & Manufacturing

Cascade manufactures Paper Roll Clamps for any size, weight or type of roll you might need to handle. Our 3H Paper Roll Clamp is specially developed for conversion applications that handle ultra-light rolls of packaging materials, such as laminated plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Often these applications include stationary equipment or clean environments that can impose space restrictions, making the small & versatile 3H Paper Roll Clamp a perfect match to Class 3 "Walkie-Stacker" trucks.

Carton Clamps provide highly efficient handling, including palletless handling, which allows you to save money on pallet purchasing, maintenance, shipping and storage, while also improving warehouse space utilization. Our design enables reduced product damage while handling consumer paper products, boxed loads, chemicals or plastics. Powerful hydraulics and customizable clamp pads make Cascade Carton Clamps a versatile and durable solution.

Boxes, bales, and stacks of corrugated materials can be easily handled with Rollerforks, which use an internal rolling mechanism to slide beneath palletless or slip-sheeted loads. Many customers use Rollerforks to receive materials as floor loads and palletize them in-house, in order to avoid sanitary risks associated with external pallets. They're efficient and cost-effective attachments that enable palletless handling while also working seamlessly as standard forks.

Warehousing & Distribution

Multiple Load Handlers allow drivers to use the same lift truck to handle either single or double pallet loads. Spreading the four forks allows handling of two pallets side-by-side, and when brought together, the four forks align for single pallet handling. Double pallet handling can reduce your overall fleet size while maintaining production levels. Our latest advancement in hydraulics, the patented Cascade RapidSync, makes Multiple Load Handlers faster than ever, with forks that move perfectly in sync, so operators are prepared to move any load configuration quickly.

Sensor Forks offer lift truck operators ultimate visibility for maximum efficiency while handling. A camera and sensor package embedded in the fork tip transmit a high quality video feed via Wi-Fi to a truck mounted display, allowing operators to handle more precisely and even read labels off of a high rack.

Weigh Forks save time and money by combining transport and weighing into one easy step. From managing incoming goods to shipping, Weigh Forks improve productivity whenever you would otherwise need to take extra time driving to a floor scale. Recently, a Cascade customer ordered customized Weigh Forks that included auditory alerts. This new feature automatically tells operators when the pallet reaches a predetermined weight, further streamlining the order picking process for the customer.

Telescopic Forks easily extend and retract, allowing an operator to handle a wider range of pallet sizes and enabling double-deep racking. Telescopic Forks are a great way to increase versatility when working in compact environments, providing the advantages of extra reach, even on basic walkie-style trucks.

...and Whatever Comes Next 

Cascade is more than a materials handling vendor - we're a partner. When we work with our customers in the packaging industry, we look at the big picture to ensure that our forks and attachments provide a total solution. In addition to the products listed here, the Cascade catalog offers many other solutions, for both pallet loads and palletless handling. Our capacity for customization means that we can build you what you need - even something completely new if the situation requires. Contact one of our knowledgeable sales reps today to find out how Cascade can help you. 

Cascade will be exhibiting at PACK EXPO, September 27-29 in Las Vegas. Come visit us at Booth C-4836 for a closer look at our solutions, in-depth answers to your materials handling questions, and more!

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