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Cascade Corporation Acquires Scana Steel Booforge AB

Posted by Cascade on Thu May 16 12:00:00 PDT 2019

PORTLAND, Oregon, USA (May 16th, 2019) – Cascade Corporation, the global leader in lift truck attachments, forks and accessories, will acquire Scandinavian fork manufacturer Scana Steel Booforge AB from Incus Investors ASA as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Scana Steel Booforge AB is a world-leading manufacturer of customized and large lift truck forks, including models with capacities up to 150 tons, as well as free-form forging for demanding applications that require extreme strength. The company has been in operation for over 350 years, which has allowed them to cultivate unmatched materials expertise and standards of quality.

“We are very pleased to join Cascade as the next step in our company’s history,” says Anders Johansson, Managing Director of Scana Steel Booforge AB. “Together, we will be able to realize greater reach while continuing to provide the quality and customization our customers expect.”

Located in Karlskoga, Sweden, Scana Steel Booforge AB currently serves a variety of European markets as well as international customers. With the global reach of Cascade Corporation’s distribution network, these fork solutions will be able to reach more customers than ever before.

“Booforge is an exceptional company for many reasons,” says Davide Roncari, Cascade Corporation President and CEO. “Their commitment to quality truly makes them stand out and is the reason we know they will be a great addition to the Cascade family.”

Scana Steel Booforge AB will continue normal operations under Cascade Corporation ownership. For more product information, visit

From left back row: Charlie Mitchelson - Managing Director Cascade Europe, Anders Johansson –CEO & Managing Director Scana Steel Booforge AB, Davide Roncari - President and CEO Cascade Corporation, Udo Schmidt - Business Unit Manager European Fork Division

From left front row: Peter Gustafsson –Production Manager Scana Steel Booforge AB, Sofia Nilsson - Sales & Marketing Director Scana Steel Booforge AB, Sabina Isaksson –Financial Manager Scana Steel Booforge AB

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