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The Ultimate Guide for the Cascade 3H Paper Roll Clamp

Posted by Cascade on Thu Nov 01 12:00:00 PDT 2018

The Ultimate Guide for the Cascade 3H Paper Roll Clamp

Looking for a better way to handle ultra-light rolls of paper and related packaging material? Cascade Corporation is excited to introduce a brand-new solution: the lightweight and versatile 3H Paper Roll Clamp. This compact paper roll clamp offers the durability, speed and energy efficiency associated with Cascade’s H-Series family of clamps, while providing customers with the perfect design for handling narrow width and small size rolls.

With loads of features and options designed to help you make the most of your materials handling, the 3H offers a reliable solution for paper converters, packaging operations, and food and beverage industries. To help you take advantage of all the 3H has to offer, we’ve highlighted some key details on this state-of-the-art attachment here in this Ultimate 3H Guide.

What are the key benefits of the 3H design?

Cascade’s expert engineers have created the 3H Paper Roll Clamp to offer reliability and performance. The design takes advantage of the latest technology to ensure efficiency and versatility. Features and benefits include:

  • Strong, lightweight construction for a durable attachment that’s easy to handle
  • Continuous 360° rotation offers total flexibility
  • Cylinders are equipped with internal check valves for added reliability when handling rolls
  • Innovative pad alignment system to ensure proper approach to every roll
  • Sleek arm and pad profile for precise handling and close stacking
  • Self-lubricated arm cylinder bushings, which eliminates the need for grease. This removes the risk of contaminating product during handling, an excellent solution for food packaging where sanitary handling is a mandate.

Get a closer look at the 3H and its valuable features in this video.

What materials or applications is the 3H PRC designed for?

Like all Cascade solutions, the innovative 3H is designed for maximum versatility. It can handle a range of materials effectively, including a variety packaging materials and paper rolls, and is well equipped for narrow width rolls from small to large diameter. This compact clamp is the perfect solution for paper and packaging converters where rolls of material are handled from pallet to unwinding without touching the ground.

The Top 5 Applications for the 3H:

1.) Large diameter, narrow width rolls of paper, light-weight paperboard and related materials used for various types of consumer packaging
2.) Large diameter, narrow width rolls of color laminated paper and related materials used for manufacturing aseptic packaging

3.) Small diameter, narrow to medium width rolls of color laminated paper and plastic

4.) Small to medium diameter, narrow width rolls of semi-rigid plastic

5.) Small diameter, medium width rolls of aluminum and foil-like material used in flexible packaging

What other details should I be aware of?

The 3H is ideally suited for powered and manual walkie style equipment and even small stand-up trucks, using integral or Class II carriage mounting configurations. In addition to the standard, powered 3H, a manually operated model is also available. This option allows easy operation without truck-supplied power or hydraulics.

Choosing the right contact pads for your Cascade product is an important part of ensuring success in product handling. The 3H Paper Roll Clamp comes standard with a V-Pad, perfect for handling a wide variety of roll types, including soft packaging materials. For larger diameter, narrow width rolls, a Contour Pad is also available. Both styles use durable, non-marking RXH rubber to offer excellent friction and optimal clamp force.

Cascade’s new 3H Paper Roll Clamp offers a powerful solution to paper and packaging converters and anyone looking for a better way to handle narrow width and small size rolls. Contact Cascade to request a demo or discuss the possibilities with a member of our knowledgeable sales team.

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