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Top 5 Ways Cascade Weigh Forks Increase Productivity

Posted by Cascade on Wed Sep 18 12:00:00 PDT 2019

Top 5 Ways Cascade Weigh Forks Increase Productivity

In an increasing digital landscape and evolving market, Cascade is committed to developing the latest technology to meet our customers' needs. Cascade continues to advance with Internet of Things solutions that connect the forklift, driver and attachment to transfer essential data. Our latest development in this space is our next generation mobile weighing solution, the new C-Series Weigh Forks which weigh loads during transfer and have the ability to gather data through wireless Bluetooth technology. Weigh Forks, sometimes referred to as "Scale Forks", can easily be integrated into warehouse management systems through the usage of traditional Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi and RS232. This new model also offers expanded options which include Bluetooth 4.0, USB, ethernet, RS485 and configurable analog output.   

By combining transport and weighing into one easy step, Weigh Forks can help to improve warehouse efficiency. The possible applications are numerous, but here are the top 5 ways Cascade Weigh Forks can increase your productivity: 

Weigh on the Go 
With built in scales, Weigh Forks remove the need to drive a load to a specific weighing location. Measurements can be taken at any time, regardless of the location of your lift truck. 
Increase Accuracy 
Weigh Forks can help eliminate costly errors in your processes. For example, you can check the weights of incoming goods while they are being transported, allowing you to identify incomplete shipments on the spot. You can also quickly determine the correct weight of your goods for declaration on shipping documents. 
Precise Piece Counting 
Let Weigh Forks do the math for you. Ensure you have the correct piece count as Weigh Forks can translate a load weight into a quantity to indicate the number of pieces placed on a pallet.  This is ideal for use in applications where multiple pieces are picked, such as in the automotive industry.
Minimize Waste 
Easy measurement with Weigh Forks allows you to monitor and track waste, such as recyclable material, created at each point in your production process. This can help identify where processes can be optimized.

Easy Installation
The wireless system can be installed on a lift truck in a matter of minutes and scale components are easily accessible for adjustments. Battery modules are quickly replaceable, easy to recharge and long-lasting, decreasing downtime.


In addition to all of the benefits that Weigh Forks offer, they work with virtually any lift truck. Rechargeable batteries and a Bluetooth® wireless display provide intuitive and seamless use with your regular lift truck operations. 

Request a demo or contact Cascade to discuss the possibilities with a member of our knowledgeable sales team. 


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