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How to Maximize Throughput in Your E-commerce Operation with Cascade

Posted by Cascade Corporation on Thu Sep 10 12:00:00 PDT 2020

E-commerce is more prevalent than ever, and warehouses large and small are facing increasing demand from customers to deliver a wide range of products within short periods of time. Cascade can provide the innovative materials handling solutions needed for efficiency and flexibility to satisfy the toughest demands in your warehousing logistics.

“We know from our hands-on work with customers that companies need to stay nimble in their logistics,” says Cascade Global Product Manager, Doug Pierce. “You need to move product faster while keeping products damage-free, make the most of warehouse space, keep inventory low, or all of the above. Cascade has the solutions for that.”

With Cascade, you have access to decades of industry expertise so that your materials handling addresses the complex demands facing businesses today. We work closely with forklift dealers, OEMs and the end user to ensure our products keep you moving quickly and efficiently. From attachments and damage reduction accessories to forks, custom products and smart solutions, Cascade has the tools to help you deliver on time and intact.

Smart Solutions: Stay Ahead of the Curve with Cascade

Rapidly evolving technology and ever-changing circumstances mean that the world of logistics can look different every day. Cascade integrates the latest technology in our product offerings to make sure our customers can keep up, from automation strategies to digitally equipped solutions.

Cascade Multiple Load Handler on AGV

  • With more e-commerce activity than ever and an increased focus on health practices, automation has become a more popular approach for maximizing productivity in a changing industry. Cascade can help. Our attachments are available for use in AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) applications. Cascade engineers work directly with AGV manufacturers for seamless integration, ensuring that your automated materials handling efforts benefit from the same great versatility and reliability that you expect from Cascade. All-electric AGV solutions are also available for certain attachment models. Not only do these attachments provide revolutionary energy efficiency, but the all-electric actuation eliminates the need for hydraulic components and the potential for a leaking hydraulic hose or fitting. This results in less cost for the system plus it reduces maintenance required, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. For example, our new Electric Sideshifter is 90% more energy efficient than hydraulic sideshifters, which reduces energy usage and allows for longer battery life, resulting in lower operating cost.
  • Digitally integrated solutions are another great way to optimize your warehouse operations. Our Weigh Forks, for example, use built-in scales to weigh loads during transfer and can collect that information through Bluetooth technology for tracking the weights of individual loads. Not only does this provide an operator with accurate load information and special capabilities like piece counting, Weigh Forks can also transmit this data to your warehouse management system. You can track accuracy on order pickers, control shipping weights, and manage lost product throughout your forklift fleet, all while on the go. Another smart solution, our Forksetter uses special sensor technology to automatically guide fork positioning - perfect for precise handling of various load sizes and reducing product damage. These systems and many of our other smart products can be integrated into forklifts throughout the supply chain. 

Flexible Handling: A Solution for Every Shape and Size

Cascade continues to develop products that can automatically adapt to various load sizes and weights to increase efficiency and productivity in fast-paced warehouse applications. We also offer versatile and efficient solutions for customers looking to make the most out of their warehouse space, using methods like high racking or Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) warehousing. Our products come with a low total cost of ownership through features like reduced maintenance needs and energy efficient operation.

Cascade J-Series White Goods Clamp

  • The J-Series Carton Clamps, our latest family of clamps, offer state-of-the-art performance and efficiency. Carton Clamps make it easy to manage boxed loads and crates, including appliances, televisions, packaged foods and more. Combined with our easy-to-use damage reduction system, Hydraulic Force Control (HFC), drivers don’t have to worry about accommodating varying types of product - Carton Clamps with HFC automatically adapt clamp force to the load weight. This prevents over-clamping and compressing the load, or under-clamping and potentially dropping the load, both of which could result in costly product damage. Systems like Cascade’s HFC are frequently used in e-commerce environments for quickly and automatically adapting to varied loads - from small electronics to large, heavy home safes – all while using the same clamp.
  • If you’re looking for cost savings through palletless handling, Cascade Push/Pulls offer you the flexibility to ship, store, and receive loads on inexpensive slip-sheets. Not only can you save money on the costs of pallets, you can save on transportation costs by fitting more product into containers and trailers. The precision engineering behind Cascade Push/Pulls offers power, efficiency, and low maintenance needs to keep productivity high and downtime low. Special options available include the Mark 55, featuring adjustable platens for handling slip-sheets or pallets (including block pallets) from the same truck. Cascade also offers the Sheet-Sav model, which allows you to easily retain your slip-sheets when unloading.  

See more about what Push/Pulls can do for you in this video:

  • Roller Platens are another pallet-less handling attachment that allow you to handle both slip sheets and pallets through an internal roller mechanism. They can even be combined with Push/Pulls for higher efficiency in palletless handling operations.
  • Telescopic Forks extend in order to easily add reach to your handling and increase efficiency with strategies like double deep racking, all with your standard forklift.  Installation and use is fast and easy for smooth operation.
  • With Bilateral Forks, there is no need for a vehicle to turn in order to approach a warehouse racking system and then place the load onto the rack, a vital adaptation when using methods such as VNA layouts or high racking. Bilateral Forks traverse the carriage horizontally and extend from the left or right side as needed. This functionality allows for the vehicle to simply travel straight down a warehouse aisle and deposit the load onto a rack from either side of the vehicle – no turning necessary. This solution can be customized for any special load from pallets to large loads. In dense warehouse facilities, Bilateral Forks can save valuable time and increase productivity. Bilateral Forks are also available as an all-electric solution for AGVs, maximizing energy efficiency. 
  • Cascade Sensor Forks offer superior handling by using an embedded camera and a suite of digital sensors. The camera transmits a high-quality digital feed to a truck-mounted display for incredible visibility of fork placement, while the sensors enable even more precise handling by detecting objects above the forks as well as proximity to the load. Communication to the display is wireless so there are no cables over the mast. This next-level handling awareness can help operators eliminate overdriving loads, reducing the risk of fork punctures and costly product damage. The increased visibility from Sensor Forks can especially help increase productivity in low-visibility environments, such as low-light environments or when using high racking. Operators can even read the labels on high-up loads to ensure precision when picking.